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Workplace accommodations, resolved. 

Collect the right information in a simple, fast and private manner. 

Collaborate with multiple stakeholders for faster communication. 

Create reports effortlessly using our analytics and tracking system. 

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An employee who is pointing to the two HR professionals representing trust on the employer.
An up arrow representing improvement.
A smiling and confident HR professional
An up arrow representing improvement.
An HR professional who seems satisfied and happy with her job.
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Step into the digital world of smart accommodations management

Say goodbye to the paper-based systems with our secure platform that hand-holds employees through the process of requesting accommodations and brings the right information to you, faster. Our mission is to improve productivity for your organization by enabling true collaboration between different stakeholders and providing you with easy tracking and analytics.

AccessResolve's HR dashboard with examples of how multiple cases can be  managed.
AccessResolve's HR dashboard consisting of reports and analytics for HR professionals.

What We Offer: 


Employers can collect the right information, collaborate with multiple stakeholders and generate reports using AccessResolve. 

A person with a laptop interacting at apoint in the process represeting a unique workflow.

Workflows That Work

We deliver personalized workflows to fit your organization's unique needs. 

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All-In-One Solution

Use our platform to manage all kinds of accommodation requests from disability related to WSIB and return-to-work.

A person with arms spread wide open, representing productivity and efficiency.

Productivity Enabling

Our platform guarantees time reduction and increased productivity through faster processes and auto-generated reports ready for use.

A person talking to another co-worker virtually.


Our platform allows the collaborative processing of requests by integrating different stakeholders in the platform.  

What We Offer for: 


Employees can request accommodation privately, connect to experts to find the right accommodations and keep track of their requests.

AccessResolve's employee dashboard with an option to connect to experts within the organization.
AccessResolve's employee dashboard with a step-by-step process for requesting accommodations, representing the benefit of tracking request for employees.

Built for Employees, by Employees.

AccessResolve was co-designed with employees from Employee Accessibility Network at McMaster University. We understand how difficult disclosure is in the workplace and that is why we help you request what you need, to be at your productive best, privately. Our platform will guide you through each step of the process, informing you of policies and resources you didn't know about. We want to give you peace of mind by introducing transparency in the process and the ability to track your requests. 

What Our Clients Say

"AccessResolve can help provide the much needed guidance that's missing in the current scenario."

Kate, HR Manager

An old woman with a confident smile, representing experienced HR managers.
“AccessResolve is definitely simple, fast and private. Being someone who would never disclose my disability with my manager, Accessresolve could be a life-changer.”

Michael, Employee 

A middle aged man with a smile, representing satisfied employees.
" AccessResolve ensures there's enough flexibility to normalize accommodations" 

Sarah, Head of People

A smiling middle-aged woman, representing HR leader.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our HR Solutions

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